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SOUTHERN UNION CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 09/25/1997
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                     Southern Union Company
                504 Lavaca Street, Eighth Floor
                      Austin, Texas  78701

                 To Be Held November 11, 1997

To the Holders of Common Stock of

The 1997 Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Southern Union Com-
pany, a Delaware corporation, will be held in the eighth floor
atrium of the Company's offices at Lavaca Plaza, 504 Lavaca
Street, Austin, Texas on Tuesday, November 11, 1997 at 2:00 p. m.
(Central Standard Time) to consider and take action upon the

   (i)  the election of three persons to serve as the Class I
        directors until the 2000 Annual Meeting of Stockholders
        or until their successors are duly elected and qualified;

  (ii)  proposed changes under the Southern Union Company 1992
        Long-Term Stock Incentive Plan, primarily to approve an
        additional 900,000 shares of Common Stock to be eligible
        for grant.

Your Board of Directors recommends a vote "For" both proposals.
The Board of Directors is not aware of any other business to come
before the Meeting.

Stockholders of record of the Company's Common Stock at the close
of business on September 12, 1997 will be entitled to vote at the
Annual Meeting or any adjournment or postponement thereof.  A
complete list of stockholders of record entitled to vote at the
Meeting will be maintained in the Company's corporate offices at
504 Lavaca Street, Eighth Floor, Austin, Texas 78701, for ten
days prior to the Meeting.

Whether or not you plan to attend the Meeting in person, please
mark, execute, date and return the enclosed proxy in the envelope
provided (which requires no postage if mailed within the United
States).  Should you attend the Meeting in person you may, if you
wish, withdraw your proxy and vote your shares in person.

                              By Order of the Board of Directors,

                              DENNIS K. MORGAN

Austin, Texas
eptember 24, 1997

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