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ENERGY TRANSFER OPERATING, L.P. filed this Form 424B5 on 01/10/2019
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Set forth below is a summary of the significant provisions of our partnership agreement that relate to cash distributions.

Distributions of Available Cash

General. Our partnership agreement provides that we will distribute all of our available cash to unitholders of record on the applicable record date within 45 days after the end of each quarter. We intend to make distributions of available cash to the holders of common units and our other classes of units on a quarterly basis, to the extent we have sufficient cash from our operations after establishment of cash reserves and payment of fees and expenses, as described below. However, there is no guarantee that we will pay quarterly distributions on the common units in any quarter, and we will be prohibited from making any distributions to unitholders if it would cause an event of default, or an event of default is existing, under our credit facilities or debt securities.

Definition of Available Cash. Available cash generally means, for any calendar quarter, all cash on hand at the end of such quarter:



less the amount of cash that our general partner determines in good faith is necessary or appropriate to:



provide for the proper conduct of business;



comply with applicable law, any of our debt instruments or other agreements; or



provide funds for distributions to our unitholders and to our general partner for any one or more of the next four quarters;



plus all cash on hand on the date of determination of available cash for the quarter resulting from working capital borrowings made after the end of the quarter.

Working capital borrowings are generally borrowings that are made under our credit facilities and in all cases are used solely for working capital purposes or to pay distributions to partners.

Operating Surplus and Capital Surplus

General. All cash distributed to unitholders will be characterized as either “operating surplus” or “capital surplus.” We distribute available cash from operating surplus differently than available cash from capital surplus.

Definition of Operating Surplus. Operating surplus for any period generally means:



our cash balance on the closing date of our initial public offering; plus



$15.0 million (as described below); plus



all of our cash receipts after the closing of our initial public offering, excluding cash from borrowings that are not working capital borrowings, sales of equity and other debt securities and sales or other dispositions of assets outside the ordinary course of business; plus



working capital borrowings made after the end of a quarter but before the date of determination of operating surplus for the quarter; plus



an amount equal to the accumulated and undistributed operating surplus of Legacy ETP immediately prior to the closing of the merger between us and Legacy ETP (including $10.0 million of cash received from non-operating sources that Legacy ETP may distribute as operating surplus under the Legacy ETP partnership agreement in effect immediately prior to the merger); less



all of our operating expenditures after the closing of our initial public offering, including the repayment of working capital borrowings, but not the repayment of other borrowings, and including maintenance capital expenditures; less



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