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SEC Filings
ENERGY TRANSFER OPERATING, L.P. filed this Form 424B5 on 01/10/2019
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changes in the level of operating expenses and hazards related to operating our facilities (including equipment malfunction, explosions, fires, spills and the effects of severe weather conditions);



the occurrence of operational hazards or unforeseen interruptions for which we may not be adequately insured;



competition encountered by our pipelines, terminals and other operations;



loss of key personnel;



loss of key natural gas producers or the providers of fractionation services;



reductions in the capacity or allocations of third-party pipelines that connect with our pipelines and facilities;



the effectiveness of risk-management policies and procedures, including the use of derivative financial instruments to hedge commodity risks, and the ability of our liquids marketing counterparties to satisfy their financial commitments;



the nonpayment or non-performance by or disputes with our customers, suppliers or other business partners;



regulatory, environmental, political and legal uncertainties that may affect the timing and cost of our internal growth projects, such as our construction of additional pipeline systems and other facilities;



risks associated with the construction of new facilities or additions to our existing facilities, including difficulties in obtaining permits and rights-of-way or other regulatory approvals and the performance by third-party contractors;



changes in the expected level of capital, operating, or remediation spending related to environmental matters;



risks related to labor relations and workplace safety;



the availability and cost of capital and our ability to access certain capital sources;



a deterioration of the credit and capital markets;



changes in our, Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.’s, Energy Transfer, LP’s or Energy Transfer Equity, L.P.’s credit ratings, as assigned by ratings agencies;



risks associated with the assets and operations of entities in which we own less than a controlling interests, including risks related to management actions at such entities that we may not be able to control or exert influence;



the ability to successfully identify and consummate strategic acquisitions at purchase prices that are accretive to our financial results and to successfully integrate acquired businesses;



our ability to manage growth and/or control costs;



changes in laws and regulations to which we are subject, including tax, environmental, transportation and employment regulations or new interpretations by regulatory agencies concerning such laws and regulations; and



the costs and effects of legal and administrative proceedings.

These factors are not necessarily all of the important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in any of our forward-looking statements. Other unknown or unpredictable factors could also have material adverse effects on future results. We undertake no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information or future events.



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