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SEC Filings
ENERGY TRANSFER, LP filed this Form 10-Q on 11/08/2017
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the borrowing limits established by the $3.75 billion ETLP Credit Facility. As of September 30, 2017, the ETLP Credit Facility had $2.06 billion of outstanding borrowings, all of which was commercial paper.
Bakken Credit Facility
In August 2016, Energy Transfer Partners, L.P., Sunoco Logistics and Phillips 66 completed project-level financing of the Bakken Pipeline. The $2.50 billion credit facility provides substantially all of the remaining capital necessary to complete the projects. As of September 30, 2017, $2.50 billion was outstanding under this credit facility.
PennTex Revolving Credit Facility
PennTex previously maintained a $275 million revolving credit commitment (the “PennTex Revolving Credit Facility”). In August 2017, the PennTex Revolving Credit Facility was repaid and terminated.
Compliance with Our Covenants
We were in compliance with all requirements, tests, limitations, and covenants related to our credit agreements as of September 30, 2017.
In January 2017, Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. repurchased all of its 1.9 million outstanding Preferred Units for cash in the aggregate amount of $53 million.
In connection with the Sunoco Logistics Merger, the Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. Class H units were cancelled. The outstanding Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. Class E units, Class G units, Class I units and Class K units at the effective time of the merger were converted into an equal number of newly created classes of Sunoco Logistics units, with the same rights, preferences, privileges, duties and obligations as such classes of Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. units had immediately prior to the closing of the merger. Additionally, the outstanding Sunoco Logistics common units and Sunoco Logistics Class B units owned by Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. at the effective time of the merger were cancelled.
Common Units
Upon the completion of the Sunoco Logistics Merger, the Partnership’s equity distribution program, distribution reinvestment program and equity incentive plans have been terminated.
Bakken Equity Sale
In February 2017, Bakken Holdings Company LLC, an entity in which ETLP indirectly owns a 60% membership interest and ETP indirectly owns a 40% membership interest, sold a 49% interest in its wholly-owned subsidiary, Bakken Pipeline Investments LLC, to MarEn Bakken Company LLC, an entity jointly owned by Marathon Petroleum Corporation and Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. for $2.00 billion in cash. Bakken Pipeline Investments LLC indirectly owns a 75% interest in each of Dakota Access, LLC (“Dakota Access”) and Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company, LLC (“ETCO”). The remaining 25% of each of Dakota Access and ETCO is owned by wholly-owned subsidiaries of Phillips 66. ETLP continues to consolidate Dakota Access and ETCO subsequent to this transaction.
PennTex Tender Offer and Limited Call Right Exercise
In June 2017, ETP purchased all of the outstanding PennTex common units not previously owned by ETP for $20.00 per common unit in cash. ETP now owns all of the economic interests of PennTex, and PennTex common units are no longer publicly traded or listed on the NASDAQ.


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