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ENERGY TRANSFER, LP filed this Form 424B5 on 01/13/2017
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Please read “Description of Notes—Ranking” and “Description of Notes—Subsidiary Guarantees.” In addition, as of September 30, 2016, our unconsolidated joint ventures had $5.0 billion of outstanding indebtedness. Please read “Description of Other Indebtedness—Unconsolidated Joint Ventures.”


Optional Redemption

We may redeem the notes of each series for cash, in whole or in part at any time and from time to time, at our option at the applicable redemption prices set forth under the heading “Description of Notes—Optional Redemption.”


Certain Covenants

We will issue the notes under a supplement to an indenture with U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee. The covenants in the indenture supplement, include a limitation on liens and a restriction on sale-leaseback transactions. Each covenant is subject to a number of important exceptions, limitations and qualifications that are described in “Description of Notes—Certain Covenants.”


Use of Proceeds

We anticipate using the net proceeds of this offering to refinance current maturities and to repay borrowings outstanding under our revolving credit facility. Please read “Use of Proceeds.”


  Affiliates of certain of the underwriters are lenders under our revolving credit facility and, accordingly, will receive a substantial portion of the net proceeds from this offering. Please read “Underwriting—Other Relationships.”


Further Issuances

We may create and issue additional notes ranking equally and ratably with any series of notes offered by this prospectus supplement in all respects, except for the issue date, issue price and in some cases, the first interest payment date, so that such additional notes will form a single series with the applicable series of notes offered by this prospectus supplement and will have substantially identical terms as such series of notes, including with respect to ranking, redemption and otherwise.


Risk Factors

Investing in the notes involves risks. See “Risk Factors” beginning on page S-6 of this prospectus supplement and the risk factors set forth on page 4 of the accompanying prospectus, as well as the risk factors set forth in the filings that we and our subsidiaries make with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the SEC, and the other risks identified in the documents incorporated by reference herein and therein for information regarding risks you should consider before investing in the notes.




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