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SEC Filings
SUSSER HOLDINGS CORP filed this Form 424B3 on 09/02/2016
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(Dollars in millions)


At December 31, 2014, a lower of cost or market adjustment was applied to fuel inventories due to a decline in commodity prices. The write down was calculated based upon current replacement costs. See Note 5 for additional information.

Property and Equipment

Property and equipment, including leasehold improvements, are carried at cost or at the fair value of the assets as of the acquisition date, if acquired as part of a business combination. Depreciation is computed by the straight-line method over the shorter of estimated useful asset lives or lease terms of the respective assets.

Investments in Unconsolidated Affiliates

We own interests in Sunoco LLC, Sunoco LP and PES that are accounted for by the equity method. In general, we use the equity method of accounting for an investment in an affiliated company for which we exercise significant influence over, but do not control, the investee’s operating and financial policies.

Impairment of Long-lived Assets

The Company reviews long-lived assets, including definite-lived intangible assets, for impairment whenever events or changes in business circumstances indicate that the carrying amount of the assets may not be fully recoverable. An asset is considered impaired when the undiscounted estimated net cash flows expected to be generated by an asset are less than its carrying amount. The impairment recognized is the amount by which the carrying amount exceeds the estimated value of the impaired asset.

Revenue Recognition

During the periods presented, the Company derived revenue from the sale of fuel. Revenue was recognized at the time of sale or when fuel was delivered to the customer.

Refined product exchange transactions, which are entered into primarily to acquire refined products of a desired quantity or at a desired location, are netted in cost of products sold in the consolidated and combined statements of operations.

Motor Fuel Taxes

Consumer excise taxes on sales of refined products are excluded from both revenues and costs and expenses in the consolidated and combined statements of operations, with no effect on net income.

Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities

From time to time, the Company has used futures, forwards and other derivative instruments to hedge a variety of price risks. Such derivative instruments are used to achieve ratable pricing to convert certain expected refined product purchases to fixed or floating prices, to lock in what the Company considers to be acceptable margins for various refined products.

While all of these derivative instruments represent economic hedges, these derivatives are not designated as hedges for accounting purposes. Such derivatives include certain contracts that were entered into and closed during the same accounting period and contracts for which there is not sufficient correlation to the related items being economically hedged.



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