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SEC Filings
SUSSER HOLDINGS CORP filed this Form S-4/A on 08/16/2016
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(Dollars in millions)


Sunoco LLC is party to a supply agreement with PES. Payables to PES under these agreements are included in accounts payable, affiliated companies in our consolidated and combined balance sheets. Purchases under these agreements are included in purchases from affiliates in our consolidated and combined statements of operations.

Sunoco LLC is a party to various agreements with Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. for pipeline, terminalling and storage services. We also have agreements for the purchase and sale of fuel. Receivables and payables under these agreements are included in accounts receivable from and accounts payable to affiliated companies. Purchases and sales under these agreements are included in purchases from and sales to affiliates.

Sunoco LLC is party to a supply agreement with Sunoco. Under this agreement, Sunoco LLC is the exclusive distributor of motor fuel to Sunoco’s existing convenience stores. Pursuant to the agreement, pricing is cost plus a fixed margin of four cents per gallon. Sales under this agreement are included in sales to affiliates. There are generally no receivables under this agreement.

Sunoco LLC has a treasury services agreement with Sunoco. Pursuant to this agreement, Sunoco LLC participates in Sunoco’s centralized cash management program. Under this program, all of Sunoco LLC’s cash receipts and cash disbursements are processed, together with those of Sunoco and its other subsidiaries, through Sunoco’s cash accounts with a corresponding credit or charge to the affiliated account.

11. Leases:

Prior to the contribution transaction in March 2016, we had certain non-cancelable leases for property and equipment, which required fixed monthly rental payments and expired at various dates through 2056. The table below reflects rental expense under these operating leases included in operating expenses in the accompanying consolidated and combined statements of operations and rental expense recovered through related sublease rental income:


     Years Ended December 31,  
       2015          2014          2013    

Rental expense

   $ 4       $ 34       $ 26   

Less: Sublease rental income

     (4      (38      (25










Rental (income) expense, net

   $ —         $ (4    $ 1   










12. Commitments and Contingencies:

ETP Retail Holdings Guarantee of Sunoco LP Notes

In April 2015, Sunoco LP acquired a 31.58% equity interest in Sunoco LLC from the Company for $775 million of cash and $41 million of Sunoco LP common units. The cash portion of the consideration was financed through Sunoco LP’s issuance of $800 million principal amount of 6.375% senior notes due 2023. The Company entered into a guarantee of collection with Sunoco LP and Sunoco Finance Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunoco LP, pursuant to which the Company has agreed to provide a guarantee of collection, but not of payment, to Sunoco LP with respect to the principal amount of the 6.375% senior notes issued by Sunoco LP.

In March 2016, Sunoco LP entered into a term loan in an aggregate principal amount of up to $2.035 billion due October 1, 2019 (the “Term Loan Facility”), which was borrowed in full. The Company provided a limited contingent guaranty of collection with respect to the payment of the principal amount of the Term Loan Facility.



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