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SEC Filings
SUSSER HOLDINGS CORP filed this Form S-4 on 07/15/2016
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1. Book-Entry Confirmations.

Any confirmation of a book-entry transfer to the Exchange Agent’s account at DTC of Private Notes tendered by book-entry transfer (a “Book-Entry Confirmation”), as well as Agent’s Message and any other documents required by this Letter of Transmittal, must be received by the Exchange Agent at its address set forth herein prior to 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on the Expiration Date.


2. Partial Tenders.

Tenders of the Private Notes will be accepted only in minimum denominations of $2,000 and integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof. The entire principal amount of Private Notes delivered to the Exchange Agent will be deemed to have been tendered unless otherwise communicated to the Exchange Agent. If the entire principal amount of all Private Notes is not tendered, then Private Notes for the principal amount of Private Notes not tendered and Exchange Notes issued in exchange for any Private Notes accepted will be delivered to the holder via the facilities of DTC promptly after the Private Notes are accepted for exchange.


3. Validity of Tenders.

All questions as to the validity, form, eligibility (including time of receipt), acceptance, and withdrawal of tendered Private Notes will be determined by the Issuers, in their sole discretion, which determination will be final and binding. The Issuers reserve the absolute right to reject any or all tenders not in proper form or the acceptance for exchange of which may, in the opinion of counsel for the Issuers, be unlawful. The Issuers also reserve the absolute right to waive any of the conditions of the Exchange Offer or any defect or irregularity in the tender of any Private Notes. The Issuers’ interpretation of the terms and conditions of the Exchange Offer (including the instructions on the Letter of Transmittal) will be final and binding on all parties. Unless waived, any defects or irregularities in connection with tenders of Private Notes must be cured within such time as the Issuers shall determine. Although the Issuers intend to notify holders of defects or irregularities with respect to tenders of Private Notes, neither the Issuers, the Exchange Agent, nor any other person shall be under any duty to give notification of any defects or irregularities in tenders or incur any liability for failure to give such notification. Tenders of Private Notes will not be deemed to have been made until such defects or irregularities have been cured or waived. Any Private Notes received by the Exchange Agent that are not properly tendered and as to which the defects or irregularities have not been cured or waived will be returned by the Exchange Agent to the tendering holders, unless otherwise provided in the Letter of Transmittal, promptly following the Expiration Date.


4. Waiver of Conditions.

The Issuers reserve the absolute right to waive, in whole or part, up to the expiration of the Exchange Offer, any of the conditions to the Exchange Offer set forth in the Prospectus or in this Letter of Transmittal.


5. No Conditional Tender.

No alternative, conditional, irregular or contingent tender of Private Notes will be accepted.


6. Request for Assistance or Additional Copies.

Requests for assistance or for additional copies of the Prospectus or this Letter of Transmittal may be directed to the Exchange Agent at the address or telephone number set forth on the cover page of this Letter of Transmittal. Holders may also contact their broker, dealer, commercial bank, trust company or other nominee for assistance concerning the Exchange Offer.



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