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SEC Filings
SUSSER HOLDINGS CORP filed this Form S-4 on 07/15/2016
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Within 365 days after the receipt of any Net Proceeds from an Asset Sale (or within 180 days after such 365-day period in the event Sunoco LP or any Restricted Subsidiary enters into a binding commitment with respect to such application), Sunoco LP (or any Restricted Subsidiary) may apply an amount equal to such Net Proceeds:


  (1) to repay Senior Indebtedness of Sunoco LP and/or its Restricted Subsidiaries (or to make an offer to repurchase or redeem such Indebtedness; provided that such repurchase or redemption closes within 45 days after the end of such 365-day period or any permitted extension thereof as contemplated by the first sentence of this paragraph);


  (2) to acquire all or substantially all of the assets of, or any Capital Stock of, another Permitted Business, if, after giving effect to any such acquisition of Capital Stock, the Permitted Business becomes a Restricted Subsidiary of Sunoco LP;


  (3) to make a capital expenditure; or


  (4) to acquire other assets that are not classified as current assets under GAAP and that are used or useful in a Permitted Business.

Pending the final application of any Net Proceeds, Sunoco LP or any Restricted Subsidiary may temporarily reduce revolving credit borrowings or otherwise invest the Net Proceeds in any manner that is not prohibited by the Indenture.

Any Net Proceeds from Asset Sales that are not applied or invested as provided in the second paragraph of this covenant will constitute “Excess Proceeds.” When the aggregate amount of Excess Proceeds exceeds $30.0 million, within five business days thereof, Sunoco LP will make an offer (an “Asset Sale Offer”) to all holders of notes and all holders of other Indebtedness that is pari passu with the notes containing provisions similar to those set forth in the Indenture with respect to offers to purchase or redeem with the proceeds of sales of assets to purchase the maximum principal amount of notes and such other pari passu Indebtedness that may be purchased out of the Excess Proceeds. The offer price in any Asset Sale Offer will be equal to 100% of the principal amount of the notes plus accrued and unpaid interest to, but excluding, the date of purchase, subject to the rights of holders of notes on the relevant record date to receive interest due on an interest payment date that is on or prior to the purchase date, and will be payable in cash. If any Excess Proceeds remain after consummation of an Asset Sale Offer, Sunoco LP may use those Excess Proceeds for any purpose not otherwise prohibited by the Indenture. If the aggregate principal amount of notes and other pari passu Indebtedness tendered into such Asset Sale Offer exceeds the amount of Excess Proceeds, then notes and such other pari passu Indebtedness will be purchased on a pro rata basis (except that any notes represented by a note in global form will be selected by such method as DTC or its nominee or successor may require or, where such nominee or successor is the trustee, a method that most nearly approximates pro rata selection as the trustee deems fair and appropriate unless otherwise required by law). Upon completion of each Asset Sale Offer, the amount of Excess Proceeds will be reset at zero.

In making an Asset Sale Offer, Sunoco LP will comply with the applicable requirements of Rule 14e-1 under the Exchange Act and other securities laws and regulations. To the extent that the provisions of any securities laws or regulations conflict with the “Asset Sales” provisions of the Indenture, Sunoco LP will comply with the applicable securities laws and regulations and will not be deemed to have breached its obligations under the “Asset Sales” provisions of the Indenture by virtue of such compliance.



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